Friday, December 4, 2015

Obama Just Can't Say Muslim Terrorist

President Obama still can't bring himself to say that a premeditated attack by devout Muslims with semi-auto rifles, pistols, thousands of rounds of ammunition, a bomb factory and self-proclaimed allegiance to ISIS was a terrorist attack; an Islamic terrorist attack. 

He just can't make the massive, almost Kiekegaardian, leap of faith that connects Sayed Farook and Tashfeen Malik to global Jihad. But he can say ban guns. Here's Pamela Geller:
San Bernardino is in one of the most stringent gun control states in the country. The fact is that these mass shootings usually take place in gun-free zones — except for the attempted jihad massacre at our free speech event in Garland, Texas last May. That jihad attempt had the best of all possible outcomes, because the jihadis were greeted by armed freedom fighters.

And again:
Obama’s jihad-free counter terror policies and jihad denial is the cause of this catastrophic intelligence and law enforcement failure. Obama has blood on his hands (adding to the rivers of blood of Christians in Syria and Iraq.) But the message from the administration is, Get used to it. Disarm and get used to it. And the media follows after him like the man with the shovel after the circus elephant, always eager to clean up the messes he makes.
But to balance things out, here's a rainbow unicorn.

You decide which side you're on.



Julie Culshaw said...

It is as if Obama is being blackmailed; he is acting like someone who is being coerced to hold his position despite all evidence to the contrary.

LL said...

Obama isn't being "mailed" (the term "blackmail" is politically incorrect). He was born to people who hate the essence of America, he was raised by grandparents who hated the essence of America and he does too. So does his shrewish wife.

LSP said...

There's some very curious pictures on the internet that support your theory, Julie...

LSP said...

Interesting, LL, but are you sure you're not on the side of the Rainbow Unicorns?