Monday, December 7, 2015

The Christian Pacifist -- Dropped On Head As Infant


Some people think that Christians should be pacifists. They claim that the early church forbade its members from joining the military and that scripture does the same. So, for them, it's wrong for Christians to go to war, ever. To find out the truth, I called up the well-known linguistic philosopher, orientalist and naturalist, GWB.

"Maybe you think it's somehow 'acceptable' to wander around unarmed," I asked. 
"I'm armed to the teeth," replied my philisophical pal, "With love, and the imperative to think globally and act locally."
"Good strategy. In the land of the rainbow unicorn, and while you're at it, go right ahead and re-purpose some hemp."

A Typical Hornless Rainbow Unicorn,

But seriously, we don't live in a rainbow world of frolicking trans unicorns, despite the best efforts of our Eurolib rulers. We do live in a world that's increasingly full of bad actors, and it's our duty to defend against that. 

Any Old Iron

Christian pacifists take note. Not only are you ignorant of church history and scripture, you are also the sad victims of dropped-on-head-as-infant syndrome.

Your Friend,


With thanks to our friends at Sitka and Beretta.


LL said...

Onward, Christian Soldiers!

LSP said...

Church Militant.

Anonymous said...

'By our deeds we are known'

LSP said...

And the bad tree produces... infantile delta minus semi moron lib pacifists.

Anonymous said...

I have been confused by this as well. I've read 'turn the other cheek, if a man smite you' and other lessons of peace. But the Lord said "I come with a sword", and also beat the money-changers out of the temple. I prefer the sword to turning the cheek. Actually I prefer a Glock, but same intention.

LSP said...

Unlike the warlord Mohammad, Christ's message was peaceful and centered on love, mercy and forgiveness, both with regards to one another and, primarily, with God. But this hardly precludes defending the peace and fighting against wickedness.

Sometimes a Glock is a big help with that.