Monday, January 2, 2017

The Archbishop of Canterbury Goes Dhimmwit

In his New Year address, the Archbishop of Canterbury, toffee nosed old Etonian, Justin Welby tried to pour cold water on Great Britain’s popular vote to leave the hated European Union and welcome "strangers."

A Muslim Stranger

Addressing the nation, the Church of England’s top bishop and former Elf Oil executive claimed that the democratically mandated BREXIT had left Great Britain divided and encouraged us to offer “hospitality to the stranger”.

Live Well Together, With Strangers

“Living well together despite our differences, offering hospitality to the stranger and those in exile, with unshakable hope for the future – these are the gifts, the commands and the promises of Jesus Christ,” stated Welby.


It sounds good, right? Very Christian, but hold on a minute, your Reverence! Who are these “strangers”? Surely not millions of military age Muslims, the kind of head chopping savages that drive trucks into Christmas markets or turn once happy Sweden into the rape capital of the world. We’re supposed to welcome these people into our countries, and that’s offering Christian “hospitality”?


What a load of dhimwitted old guff. Maybe Great Britain should have offered Hitler’s Nazis “unshakable hope” and welcomed them, “despite our differences” into the country. Great idea, bishop, except that it's risible drivel.

Sorry, Welby, why don’t you concentrate on your job and sort out the real difference that concerns you, the difference between you and everyone else that doesn’t attend your shrinking Church.

And stop being a dhimmwit,



Adrienne said...

WTHell? He been taking tea with Pope "Humble?" I'm tired of them all.

LL said...

He needs to grow a beard and appear more Islamic if he plans to be properly welcoming to the Muslim occupiers. It would help if he carried a prayer mat around with him and prayed to Mecca five times a day.

Anonymous said...

It is Welby LL - someone carries his prayer mat for him.

LindaG said...

A disappointing speech, for certain.