Friday, January 20, 2017

It Looked To Me Like Populism

politicians prospered but the factories closed and the jobs left (DJT)

Trump was mocked by the overwhelming majority of the media, he was scorned by the establishment inside the beltway ruling elite, and ridiculed by Ivory Tower experts on the right and the left. He wasn't even a politician. Then he won.

No wonder. 8 years of Obama produced over 90 million people not in the workforce, some 50 million on foodstamps and home ownership at an all time low since the 1950s. In other words, a lot of poverty and grinding hopelessness while Washington politicians grew high on the hog. 

Out of touch, privileged, and richer than ordinary Americans could ever hope for, they didn't see Trump coming. Then BOOM. Here was a man who spoke to the people  and promised a return to prosperity at the cost of a corrupt governing elitocracy, and that carried the election.

No wonder. Bring jobs and manufacturing back, have a border, restore power back to the people from crony pay-to-play ridden Washington, be strong at home and abroad, reverse the carnage in our cities. All this and more and it resonates in a way that federal legislation forcing transgender bathrooms in public schools doesn't.

Sorry, that's not a Russian spy job, it's common sense and it's stirring. We heard it today at Trump's inaugural speech and if he delivers on even half of it we will have been well served.

In the meanwhile, 217 people were arrested for rioting in DC today. Their massive protest didn't turn out to be so big after all. Go figure, it wasn't popular. 

Let's hope Mr. Trump continues to confound his critics and makes America great again.

Steak for all, 



Adrienne said...

I'm happy

GruntOfMonteCristo said...

Steak tonight, with good Trump-supporting friends. And Russian vodka. Doesn't get much better. Blessings to you, Parson.

Fredd said...

I'll have a porterhouse, medium rare please. You know that the Establishment will fight Trump tooth and nail on his efforts to give the power back to where it belongs - the people.

Tooth and nail. Yes, from everyone in the club. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and of course all of the Dems. They want their power, their gavels, their mansions and yachts.

Who could blame them? Let the show begin.

LL said...

Interesting things going on last night, even after our e-mail exchange and phone calls. I'll share later, but definitely MAGA.

We're not out of the woods as a nation but we're on the mend.

LSP said...

Me too, Adrienne.

LSP said...

Thanks, Grunt. I feasted off a New York Strip. Mighty tasty!

LSP said...

Medium rare porterhouse? That sounds like perfection, Fredd. And yes, let the games begin.

LSP said...

A whole lotta MAGA going on right about now, LL...

Julie Culshaw said...

A great prayer here for the new President

drjim said...

I was watching the inaugural parade last night, and one thing I noticed was that every time PRESIDENT Trump ( feels good to write that!) had a door held open for him, he turned to the the person and said "Thank you".

I'm not a lip reader, but it was clear he was thanking them.

That man has class!