Thursday, January 12, 2017

MAGA Shines Upon Texas

The MAGA Light shines brightly in Texas, perhaps because Rick "He May Be A Fool But He's Our Fool" Perry is the nation's new Energy Secretary. Well, there was plenty of energy spilling out of the heavens on the way to Mass this evening.

And there was steak, which is cheap and plentiful in Trump's America. I mean for goodness sake, you can buy a solid Threeper for $15 at the commissary.

MAGA At Every Level

I like Strips, seared in heavy metal, brought to heat in a 400* oven and served with whatever. Maybe vegetables, maybe not. Some, most, would call that winning. Unless they're Austin vegans who live off tofu, bark, nuts and other people's money.

Austin Hippies Goofing Off

They scorn the MAGA Light, like Soros, who lost a billion big ones after the election. Bad luck, George, you lose, Trump wins.

Hangin' At The Tower

In other news, Le Pen was seen in the Golden Tower. Who knows, maybe France will become great again, too.

Ban the Burqa,



LL said...

Soros bet badly on Hillary. (snicker)

LePen can make France great again. The first thing to do is eject the foreign military age Muslim males and their female consorts.

LSP said...

That's a very sensible solution, LL. Let's see how Le Pen does in the election.

GruntOfMonteCristo said...

We NEED LePen to do well in this election. Globally, we are still knee-deep in hostiles, and she'd be a welcome ally.