Friday, January 20, 2017

Congratulations Mr. President

Here's Trump's epic Inauguration speech. He begins by caning the Washington establishment with his pledge to transfer power and prosperity from the government to the people and ends with a promise to make America great again. 

Commentators are calling it an "historic moment." Sure sounded that way to me; now it's time to live up to the not inconsiderable promise.

Here's a link to the transcript.

Congratulations, Mr. President,



GruntOfMonteCristo said...

It WAS a caning, wasn't it? No wonder the ex-Presidents box looked so somber. Thanks for the great recap, Parson!

LL said...

It was a great moment for America.

Some of the pundits criticized President Trump for not using more flowery language, but that was not his point. He spoke to America (and the world) and explained how the cow was going to eat the cabbage.

Don't expect a world tour with President Trump bowing to potentates, kings and miscellaneous rulers, and apologizing for America.

Adrienne said...

Notitice the almost complete lack of "I", "Me", "Mine?" It was all about "We"

Anonymous said...

Apart from the lefties, liberals and peddlers of Fake News the 45th President's speech was well received this side of the pond, although you wouldn't know that from all the salt in the MSM. For many Brits, fed a diet of Trump evil Hillary good, this the first time the majority heard him speak directly too them. Many were surprised and liked what they heard.

LSP said...

It sure was, Grunt. Good work.

LSP said...

I thought it was pretty historic, LL.

LSP said...

Heard that, Adrienne. In stunning contrast to the departed O.

drjim said...

I was just flat-out gobsmacked in the first minute of his speech.

Liberal heads are exploding across the universe.

Gee...thinks that's a source of "Green" power we could tap?

LSP said...

That, drjim, is a very good idea. Sustainable green energy. Nice.