Wednesday, January 11, 2017

March Of The Trolls

Well, well. It seems as though 4chan /pol has been trolling Buzzfeed, CNN and the CIA, and if that particular Pepe hasn't been perhaps another has. Whatever the case, the trolls march on. Sorry, Wojak, you lose.

A Muslim at Dhimwit St. Mary's

In other interesting news, St. Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow invited a Muslim to sing on the Feast of the Epiphany. Very interfaith and thank you very much, the only problem being that the Muslim in question sang a sura from the Koran about Jesus not being God.

Wojak Cries

I don't know how many people bother to go to St. Mary's, but I do know that their Facebook commentary on the event says this:

Go Figure Dhimwits

Good looking out, dhimwits.



LL said...

The philosophy of Islam is to convert or kill. Inviting them into your church to demean the Savior is not the right thing to do. Then again, these people don't seem to have the sense to come in out of the rain, so what can you do?

LSP said...

They won't be happy until they're under the control of the Sharia Police and then they'll wonder what went wrong. Dhimwits.

LL said...

They'll be beheaded, the head will be looking up at the torso and they'll think, "But what about the religion of peace?"

Jules said...

Ignorance is bliss...
I might invite them to Clown Church. Custard pie fight.