Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Putin For Czar

A top Russian priest has said what everyone else is thinking, that Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin, should level up and become Czar.

"We are a country with monarchic mentality," said Russian Archpriest, Vsevolod Chaplin, "It doesn't matter that we don't now have formal monarchy, I think we can re-make it with Putin on top."

Some Kind of Pathetic Joke?

American liberals, furious after their candidate's lashing in the recent election, have been trying to pin the blame for Hillary's crushing defeat at the the foot of the Russians, claiming that Putin's superstate somehow hacked into their emails and made them public.

The Last Czar, RIP

Czar Putin laughingly made light of the Democratic allegations, dismissing them and the dying Obama regime's aggressive expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats as "kitchen sink" diplomacy. 

Putin With an Adorable Chick

Czar Putin enjoys massive popularity at home and abroad.



Fredd said...

Whatever happened to that transfer of power from Putin to Medvedev, maybe 10 years ago? Did I miss something, or did Medvedev transfer it back to Putin? Like a bad birthday present.

LSP said...

I've always wondered about that too, Fredd. Med didn't seem to have it for very long before he passed it back over.

Mattexian said...

My understanding of it that the Russian President can't be elected to consecutive terms, but Putin and Medvedev have found the sweet spot of trading President and Prime Minister roles every few years.

I saw in the news that the last surviving relative of the Romanovs, a second cousin IIRC, had passed away over the holidays in Denmark. Perhaps it's romantic sentimentality, but the sainted Alexander II seemed like he was enacting reforms to modernize Russia before getting caught up in WW1 and their own civil war and communist revolution, but was filibustered and blockaded (for lack of better terms) by the Dumas, his own parliament. Where's the fun in being an autocrat, if you have to answer to a House of Lords?

Fredd said...

Mattexian: NO fun, having to answer to anybody if you are an autocrat. A true autocrat would cut the heads off of all of the Lords in the House. That's how it's done. Otherwise, you're just an autocrat-wannabe.

LSP said...

I have to agree with Fredd.

Now, will DJT #LockHerUp?