Wednesday, January 4, 2017

On The Road

There's times when I feel Texas is a road, I35 in fact, because that's the way you pretty much have to travel if you're going to Dallas from the Compound. But it's not all bad, there's big Texan skies and the comfort of knowing your rig is a "safe space." But why drive to Dallas?

Safe Space

Because one of the LSP Sisters was in town with her family from England and I wanted to say goodbye before they flew off to the Old Country. That meant a celebratory meal, industrial quantities of red wine and getting woken up by Blue Alarm Nazi at 6 am. Thanks, dog.

Blue Alarm Nazi

As the house woke up I ate a tasty cinnabon in honor of Princess Leia before walking off into the wilderness to visit a dentist. Time to get your lower jaw working again, LSP, I thought grimly to myself. But the mouth torturers were shut so I took a stroll around the neighborhood.

Princess Leia

It's "popping," with real estate going through the roof. Everyone wants to live in an "arts and crafts" bungalow reclaimed from the ghetto. All yours, for 500k. Still, if you wander a couple of blocks south things get a bit more "bars on the windows barrio." Word to the wise, take a gun.

No Desertion, No Surrender

I liked this roadside shrine.

God bless,


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LL said...

When I am in Dallas, I never cease to be amazed to see the ghetto gentrifying with (primary gay and lesbian) couples fighting with each other to get this or that former ghetto dwelling. Where do the displaced minorities go? Maybe Austin? I really don't know. Blue Alarm Clock could tell you. I'm sure of it...if he spoke any language other than 'dog'. Alas, we may never know.