Monday, November 16, 2015

Safe Space

As you were. 

Carry on.



LL said...

Obama would prefer that you would weld it in that position.

LSP said...

And every time you tap the handguard, out comes a rainbow! Or a unicorn. Or both.

Anonymous said...

This image of a handgun on a website that frequently discusses guns, while not intended directly for me, has left me feeling threatened -- as does your blatant mockery of safe spaces.
I REASONABLY expect the Internet to be a harmless zone of utmost safety, and you are violating this need.
Therefore, I request that not only the author of this blog but also the bishop of his diocese resign immediately.

If you delay compliance with this demand, I will tell El Niño where you live.

Mattexian said...

Maybe you need a new shirt to go with that.