Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bishop Michael Curry, You Are A Dhimwit

Michael Curry is the new Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. He was enthroned on November 1st, at Washington National Cathedral, to the sound of drumming and dancing. And a Muslim prayer, led by Mohamed Elsanousi, the Islamic Society of North America's (ISNA) Director of Community Outreach.


ISNA was an Unindicted Co-Conspirator in a terrorism financing trial successfully prosecuted in 2008 (US v Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development), and was shown to have supported the terrorist organization, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine.


The Muslim Brotherhood brutally persecuted Christians in Egypt while in power and though repressed by that country's secular government, continues to persecute them today.


Asking an ISNA representative, a group with close ties to Christian-killing Jihadists, to lead Christians in prayer in a purportedly Christian cathedral, is a curious choice indeed. Not dissimilar to asking Stille Hilfe's PR, or a Holocaust denier to speak at a synagogue.


But Curry probably isn't aware of ISNA's ties to murdering Jihadi savages, he probably thinks Islam is a religion of peace and was simply trying to spread the love.

Michael Curry, you are a Dhimwit.



LL said...

As presiding bishop, are you taking marching orders from Curry?

He looks to be a useful dupe. Who is pulling the marionette's strings?

LSP said...

I'm not part of his crew (TEC) fortunately.

And good question, who is the puppetmaster?

Anonymous said...

Well he can gurn that's for sure!

LL said...

Do you know when Michael Curry will announce that he's becoming a Jenner-style woman? Will he be woman of the year next year? Maybe. It would be politically incorrect not to have a black tranny as woman of the year.

LSP said...

He's quite a gurner, isn't he, Anonymous.

LSP said...

Trans Curry? I think that's coming next year, LL, but I'll check the sources. And after all, TEC has plenty of $$$ to make it happen; why run the risk of being labelled a hate organization?

Adrienne said...

Well my gaydar is off the charts. What's with the open eye, gaping mouth, oh so female way of greeting people? Does he squeal too? Killary and the Mooch do that ugly stuff with their faces all the time. No doubt he also flaps his hands about.

LSP said...

Now that you say it, Adrienne... His wife didn't look too pleased in the rare pics of her at the event. And good Killary/Mooch point. Nasty.