Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Yale. A Whining Lib Playpen

Yale University is in an uproar, all because a faculty member, Erika Christakis, suggested that students "look away" if they see someone wearing a Halloween costume they find offensive. To make matters worse, Christakis' husband, the Master of Silliman, refused to apologize to a howling mob of swearing students.

The appropriately named Silliman was no longer a "safe place," a "place of comfort" and a "home," asserted one whining young woman, who then proceeded to swear at the unfortunate teacher and called for his resignation.

You Whining Lib

No longer a safe place of comfort, really? The Atlantic describes the dangerous living conditions at Silliman. It's a veritable centrally heated Gulag, replete with "two Steinway grand pianos, an indoor basketball court, a courtyard with hammocks and picnic tables, a computer lab, a dance studio, a gym, a movie theater, a film-editing lab, billiard tables, an art gallery, and four music practice rooms."

The Curiously Named Silliman College

That's right, it's a hard life in the hallowed halls of academe, leading one student to state, "This email (Christakis') and the subsequent reaction to it have interrupted their lives. I have friends who are not going to class, who are not doing their homework, who are losing sleep, who are skipping meals, and who are having breakdowns.” 

Yale used to be known as a school and, unlike Satan's Vatican, Harvard, a good one at that. But not anymore. Now it's become a playpen for whining lib elite Pink Stasi children, who are so filled with a sense of entitlement, self-importance and privilege that they can't bear to have their precious feelings hurt.

A Typical Yale Student

Go home and cuddle with teddy bears in your comfy safe space, then return to school once you've reached the level of maturity expected in, say, a normal 8 year old. And maybe that day won't come, in which case you can stay home in your pathetic whine space, wondering why the world doesn't care.

Welcome to The Gulag

Libs are useless, it's true, but privileged, elite, crybaby, trope deploying, Ivy League libs are the most useless of all.

We scorn you.

A Lot.



Infidel de Manahatta said...

.....and when elected President I promise to burn every institution of higher learning to the ground.......

I hope I can count on your vote.

LSP said...

Hurry up and win that election, Infidel.