Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bushcraft Wednesday!

Maybe you're so focused on the potential for World war III breaking out in Syria, or the Race For Raqqa, that you've forgotten about bushcraft.

Time to end that amnesia. Part of surviving in the wild means surviving in the wild. So here's a helpful video to drum that point home.




jenny said...

I don't think WWIII is a likely outcome, but suffice it to say that if anything remotely close to that happens, the clear winner in that situation is Daesh.

We can pray.
We can also prepare, bushcraft style. I'm glad you're staying focused.

LSP said...

Forewarned is forearmed.

LL said...

I appreciate the DLC training video. I was not aware that the DLC had troops on tractors or bicycles, but it makes sense...not really.

LSP said...

We're a horse unit, mostly, as you know, but ultimatel an all-arms battle group.

Adrienne said...

Whoa! I could drive around on my Husqvarna lawn tractor and blow away my hay piles. What fun!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, LSP

LSP said...

And to you, Adrienne!