Saturday, November 21, 2015


It's freezing, here in this rural Texan haven, but it's also sunny. That's because anthropogenic global warming has made the atmosphere hotter, as indicated by the bright sunshine, which has made everything colder. 

I don't know about you, but I get the strong feeling that we're not doing so well in the ongoing war against our ancient adversary, The Weather. Speaking of nonsense, here's a dorky little "meme."

Well it's all a great larf until you wake up in a Wicker Man and see the local Imam chopping your buddy's head off, while an atheist feminist Jew blasts out the Plastic Ono Band. 

Typical Pagans, Goofing Off

And don't go Morris Dancing, you lot, it's wrong.




Michael Gollop said...

Yes, just 'Imagine' - only we don't have to.
Anyway, just keep repeating the formula of 'our' political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic, 'this has nothing to do with Islam' ...

Adrienne said...

For just the briefest of moments I thought you were referring to Morris Day and the Times doing The Bird. Silly me. Had to look up Morris Dancing. I'm always learning something new here - including that I'm an asshole. Heh

LSP said...

Oh no. Move along, nothing to do with Islam, Michael.

LSP said...

Such a dorky little "meme", Adrienne. Morris dancing's kind of dorky too -- pretty much reinvented by a priest, as I understand it. Stay well clear!