Sunday, November 1, 2015

All Saints Day, Clean Your Gun

You can be part of today's benighted entitlement culture and think that the State is going to step in and clean your dirty gun. Go right ahead, just keep on thinking that and wonder why your firearm doesn't work anymore.

On the other hand, you can take destiny into your own hands and clean the filthy little beast yourself. Like a free man.

That's what I did tonight, as I reflected on the Saints and in particular on the Cure D'Ars, Patron Saint of parish priests. Jean Vianney didn't own any pistols, much less a Glock 21, but he could read minds and see into peoples' souls.

He also led a life of extraordinary asceticism, living on a potato and a glass of warm milk per day. He did that for decades and when he died, the examining doctor stated that there was no earthly reason why the humble priest should have lived as long as he did.

The Devil would taunt him at night, bellowing out, "Potato eater!" Look it up on the modern Delphi that is the internet, if you doubt me.

Have a blessed All Saints.



LL said...

Clearly the act of cleaning the firearm instead of mowing down enemies is saintly.

LSP said...

I take encouragement from that, LL.

Anonymous said...

As it was All Souls day, shouldn't you have also cleaned your boots?

LSP said...

That's a very good point, Anonymous, thoughI posted on All Saints. Perhaps there's a time lag? But today we commemorate the faithful departed and give our boots a well needed cleaning! And it has to be said, they need it.

LSP said...

Anonymous -- you'll notice the latest, All Souls, post.