Saturday, October 31, 2015

Very, Very Scary

Two friends came over from Dallas yesterday and stayed over. One of them brought along a SOCOM 16, which is a short barreled variant of the M1A, and we wanted to test that out and see if it worked. So, undaunted by rain, we headed out to a ranch where there's a good area to blast away in the wilderness. 

You can even access this range via rocky roads, in your pal's new Tundra. No danger of getting stuck in the mud, right?

Well Done, Team

Wrong. We got stuck in thick sandy clay. An hour later, and lots of rocks under the tires, we were out of the mess and shooting. The SOCOM worked just fine, a right little beast of a 7.62 barker.

Proper Little Barker

On the way home, one the crew had to ask, "How many soldiers, former and serving, does it take to get stuck in the mud?" That would be three, apparently.

Moral of the story? Get a SOCOM, and a winch, and a 4x4.

Happy Halloween,



LL said...

It's slick out there by the range and there is that bog area not far off the range that could stand a dump truck full of gravel. The rifle looks fun. Naturally, you need your own...

LSP said...

Went to a new place -- more remote but I thought less danger of mud. And there wasn't until there was... We got out in the end, fortunately.

Neat little rifle. I want one. Pricey though.