Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ride English, in Texas

You can ride English in Texas, there's no "rule," and that's just what I did, drove over to visit a church person and tacked up, English-style. Blue Posting Trot came along too; he enjoys being out in the country with the other dogs.

I rode out at a post to a fanfare of barking, and headed off down the dirt road to a big plowed field. It brought back memories, because I used to run the ill-behaved Thoroughbred, JB, there. So I paused for a while and remembered that, then moved on.

The Arabian mare wasn't too sure she wanted to endure being separated from her pasture pals, but tough luck, horse, ride on. I picked up a gallop(s), too, though mindful of the uneven ground. No point in injuring the horse, or yourself, on a sun-baked boulder of plowed dirt.

Ready, Set, Go!

All in all a great ride, and I enjoyed riding English for a change. What are the benefits, if any? I'd say it gives you more contact with the horse; there's simply less between you and the animal. This lends itself to greater control, if you know how to use it. Some say that dressage skills make for better Western riding, and that sounds right to me, but I'm no expert.

Typically Happy Texan Dogs

What I do know is that it's a world of fun going fast, at one with the horse; slow too, and perhaps riding English has an advantage, because of closer contact, unlike our President's epic fail in Syria. But that's a different story.

All for Texas,



LL said...

Blue Healer seems to be happy with whatever saddle you select, so long as he's included in the romp.

Anonymous said...

Like a good English Parson you need a good pack of hounds, some whippers-in, a horn, a stirrup cup, a top hat, some hunting pinks and a brace of antique Purdy's - now that would freak out the Texas wildlife!

LSP said...

LL, you're right. But the little miscreant seems most happy in the country. Big grins, all 'round.

LSP said...

Anonymous, I like all of that. Sorry, make that NEED. Could you please start a campaign to get the necessary items? And don't worry, I'll uphold my end of the bargain, don't you worry!