Thursday, October 29, 2015

Take a Bath, Hippie

At least that's what the horses say, and who can blame them? I rode out on Tres this morning after a week's break, caused by torrential rains and the horses being let loose to pasture in Texas' idyllic Mesquite Groves.

There was a little bit of rodeo (bucking) but nothing too radical. That was worked out by galloping up and down a hill and making our way through trails in the woods.

It was beautiful to ride in the clean, crisp, air and I went back to HQ refreshed and uplifted. Blue Destroyer, in the meanwhile, had chewed up an issue of American Rifleman. And some butter.

I wasn't too happy about that.



Brighid said...

Good to hear you got some time in the saddle. A healing process for me, sometimes God is in the little things.

LSP said...

And for me too, + I really like to ride. Every day.

Mattexian said...

Blue Shredder sounds like he needed some lubrication for all that fiber!

LSP said...

Apparently so, Mattexian... Not very pleased with him.