Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Muslims Say No To Justin!

No, not the shariasymp Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, but another Justin, Justin Beiber, the world-renowned boy star pop legend.

Beiber's latest album, Purpose, which features the young superstar with a cross tattoo on its cover art, has been banned by Muslim countries in the war-torn Middle East, as well as Indonesia.


You know me, I'm not a big fan of the religion of peace, and its version of a human be-in centered on Mecca. But maybe they have it right this time.

Speaking of which, the Russians are deploying their aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean in order to strike our allies, Al Quaeda & Co, in Syria and beyond. 

Carry on,



LL said...

The Chinese announced that they are sending a carrier battle group to the Med, based around the former British aircraft carrier, HMS Hermes, that the Chinese bought from India. That announcement came after the US announced that the USS Eisenhower carrier battle group was headed to the area (October 9).

LSP said...

I remember going on board the Hermes when it was part of the Royal Navy. I didn't know the Chinese had it.

Neither the Admiral K or the old Hermes would be much of a match for the Eisenhower, I'd imagine. But so what, our Navy isn't there to fight people, it's too busy eliminating transphobia and fighting The Weather.

LL said...

Never fear, Obama wants the "Ike's" carrier battle group to take on the weather. The Russians and Chinese know that they aren't a match for an American carrier group. They only want to do things that will humiliate the Americans while they can. If Hillary is elected, naturally it will go forward as it has while she tells them that she's a woman... Obama apparently is not a woman, even though he appears to be one at times.

I don't think that the Americans under any Republican will tolerate their games.