Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Lovers

Who are Hillary's lovers and why isn't the media covering this exciting story of lust and intrigue from inside-the-beltway, asked Matt Drudge not so long ago.

Well, we know at least one. That would be Yoko Ono, the atonal, onetime wife of John Lennon, King of the Hippies.

Yoko Ono, What a Great Singer

This is what Yoko says (tip of the kukri to LL):

“We met many times during the New York Vietnam War protests in the 1970s, and became very intimate. We shared many of the same values about sexual equality, fighting against the authoritarian, patriarchal, male-dominated society we were raised in. 

“We had a brief romantic fling when I lived with John in Manhattan and Hillary was studying at Yale, but eventually we lost touch. I am amazed how things are going well for her and wish her the best for her campaign.”

Hillary hasn't commented on her old lover's outing, and neither has Huma Abedin. 

Your old pal,



LL said...

I'm sure that once Hillary is coronated, she'll come out of the closet and the White House will be painted all colors of the rainbow in honor of her new status. Would Glamor list Hillary (the bull dyke) woman of the year? Why not?

LSP said...

But I'm confused, isn't the White House rainbow colored already?

infidel de manahatta said...

Will Yoko "Sing" the national anthem at the coronation. I mean the inauguration?

LL said...

LSP, that was light. I'm sure that Hillary will break out the paint.

LSP said...

I think Hillary is especially worthy of Yoko's awesome "singing," Infidel.

LSP said...

Now I remember, LL. It was light! Now we can all look forward to the neat new rainbow paint job.