Saturday, October 3, 2015

Obama Foreign Policy Genius

Care Barry Obama and his team of foreign policy geniuses have said that Russia's intervention in Syria will "strengthen ISIS."

How's that? You ask truculently.

By bombing them, of course.

Perhaps our airforce was too busy working on diversity quotas and trans bathrooms to do that, not that it would have helped anyway, because as everyone knows, bombing your enemy into the ground makes them stronger.



Mattexian said...

I'm guessing that Barry is drinking too much of the Kool-aid from his own Ministry of Truth, the folks cranking out all the posters proclaiming such bold truths as Diversity Is Strength, War Is Peace, Failure Is Success, Barry Is Not A ComSymp, etc., etc.

LSP said...

Care Barry has an intravenous Kool-Aid drip, in fact he might be on the Board...