Friday, October 2, 2015

Ride the Horse, Obama Gets Spanked

You  can stare in numb amazement as Putin spanks Care Barry and US Middle Eastern foreign policy unravels like a rotten rope, or you can go for a ride. I chose the latter.

Care Barry

Some horses are hard to catch and you're exhausted before you've even tacked up. This one was easy, gentle, well mannered, no problem at all. But she wasn't used to riding out on her own, away from the herd and the safety of the barn. 

Tack Up

So what to expect. Mutiny? Outright rebellion? Spooky hi-jinx?

Russian Girls Laugh at Care Barry Getting Spanked

I needn't have worried. She moved out well enough and didn't pull any freakish stunts, beyond being a bit herd/barn sour. We ended up in a big field and opened up -- gallop! I had to hold on to my hat. Great fun.

Ride The Horse

Then we rode back as the sun was setting. Beautiful. I tell you, there's a lot worse things to do than ride in Texas.

Get ready to go as fast as you can

Your Friend,



LL said...

Riding a horse takes your mind off unimportant trivialities.

LSP said...

I had to get some diversion, LL.