Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Church of Satan Meets in Cleveland

A group of clergypersons blessed a Cleveland abortion clinic last week, on the initiative of a Methodist minister, Laura Young. The blessing was carried out by the Dean of Cleveland's Episcopal Cathedral, Tracy Lind.

"Bless this building," prayed Lind, "May its walls stand strong against the onslaught of shame thrown at it. May it be a beacon of hope for those who need its services."


Young heads up the Ohio chapter of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC), which described abortion clinics as "sacred space" on Twitter, stating, "Religious people gathered to bless that space of sacred decision making.‪#‎GodBlessTheClinics‬."

The RCRC is an enthusiastic supporter of the taxpayer funded abortion giant, Planned Parenthood, which was praised by a group of clergy for doing "God's work." In a statement released by the Planned Parenthood Clergy Advocacy Board, which has Episcopal Church representation, the group thanked abortionists, "People who work for Planned Parenthood give care and respect to those in need, doing God’s work. For this we are grateful.”

The Episcopal Church

What part of doing God's work does selling baby parts to biotech firms fall under? Perhaps killing unborn babies for profit somehow counts as a service to God? Perhaps it does, but let's not pretend it's the Christian one.

In the meanwhile, members of the Episcopal Church et al might like to consider their affiliation to Moloch.



LL said...

You don't have to look very hard at all to find Satan's cheerleaders.

underground pewster said...

I pity the sheep who call these lost women their shepherds.

Mattexian said...

The only god I can see blessing this is Baal.

jenny said...

+1 underground pewster.

This is nauseating.

LSP said...

It's weird, I think, to see the strange combination of mawkishness and evil in the Cleveland clergypersons. Like Mothers Union meets Devil's Advocate,