Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ecumenical Dialogue

Several of us were invited on a trail ride by one of the local Baptist churches, and off we went, after Mass.

The cavalry lined up for a photo while I was waiting for a trailer and a horse. Then we said a pre-ride prayer, hats off, and rode out.

A lot of the ride was through woods and the horses kicked up a storm of dust, which I found adventurous, in a Riders of Dune kind of way. But once out of the woods there was plenty of room and I went up and down the line of "follow my leader" riders. Sometimes at a gallop, sometimes not.


Bad form? I don't think so, but you don't want to get too carried away and run out and start a stampede. Fun for some, not for others.

Then, after a couple of hours, the ecumenical ride was over and we loaded the horses back into the trailers.

Don't be a Pathetic Lib Dupe Stooge of the NWO

I enjoyed everything about this experience, and it'll come in handy when civilization comes crashing down and you can't use your car anymore. Then the horse will rule.

God bless,



LL said...

I think that you can have more heartfelt conversations while riding than you can afoot.

LL said...

Recall, if you will, that Jesus entered Jerusalem riding, not afoot, when it came to the big showdown. I realize that it was a donkey, not a quarter horse, but he made do with what was available at the time.

LSP said...

I think you're right about the conversations and I'm not sure why that'd be. And for sure, Jesus was a rider.

LL said...

There is a comfort and an ease that comes when riding a horse. Maybe the rocking motion, maybe the communion that comes between rider and mount as they learn to move as one.

How different is it than learning to move as one with God? Ok, yes, it's totally different in application, but not in metaphor.