Friday, November 20, 2015

Russia Sends Dogs, Obama Sends Unicorns


France was down one plucky K9, after Diesel was blown up by a crazed female Muslim suicide bomber. But Russia has stepped up to the plate and sent a replacement, an adorable German Shepherd puppy called Dobrynya.

Brave Diesel

Russian Interior Ministry spokeswoman, Elena Alekseyeva, explained the significance of the puppy's name on Instagram.

Jhad Savage Hasna Boulahcen

“The puppy is called Dobrynya after a Russian epic knight, who is a symbol of strength, kindness, bravery and selfless help. The puppy will be sent to France as a sign of solidarity with the French people and police in fight against terrorism.”

Here at the Compound we're sure that little Dobrynya will one day grow up to play his part in the war on Islamic terror. But what has President Obama sent the grieving nation of France? 

A Rainbow Unicorn

Good question. Perhaps a picture speaks louder than words.



LL said...

I think that Obama also sent rainbows!! Valerie Jarret, the Muslim, feels that we should trust Islam, and she is "Obama's conscience"... We should send the French ten dozen Muslim hunting/bomb sniffing wolves.

The DLC needs Blue Defender there at the compound. Don't send him to France.

LSP said...

And then there's our Muslim CIA chief.

Maybe Blue Defender's needed at home.