Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Aloha Snack Bar!

While some people are busy hanging out at upscale beach clubs in Hawaii and riding around on motorcycles, we're manning the front lines, here in Texas.

Good Work, Einstein

Maybe that's why Blue Mimeticist decided to join in with the predawn chorus of roosters and crazed peacocks this morning.

Brave Defender

Stand to, everyone, maybe that's Daesh creeping up on the perimeter, or a squirrel, or the simple canine exuberance of doing your utmost to sound like a shrieking, demented bird. At 5.30 am.

Dropping Some Bombs on Raqqa

In related news, Putin's going hard against Raqqa, launching Russia's strategic bombing fleet at the Takfiri death cult. As I understand it, each plane carries something like 20 tons of ordnance.

Don't mess with the Bear, white running shoe terrorists.


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