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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Person of Color?

Superstar Hollywood celebrity activist Alyssa Milano is under fire on social media for making herself up in "blackface." Here's a close up.

World famous for her role as a cute teen witch in the smash hit series Charmed, Milano claims she didn't intend to denigrate and demean people of color, just a rival star, Snookie.

As a prominent Millionaire Socialist with an estimated net worth of $10 million, Alyssa Milano was quick to put the blame on Russia's leader Vladimir Putin. "Cancel culture," asserted the rich socialist on social media, "is being weaponized by the right/Putin."

As the sinister head of Spectre and Kaos, Putin's reach is notoriously long. But really, Alyssa, were you high? In other news, Nantes' 15th century cathedral was set on fire yesterday. More on that crime and the ongoing attack on the Church later.

In the meanwhile, will the Left be destroyed in a fire of their own making? Don't Say Russian Revolution.



Monday, December 4, 2017

Putin, Evil Genius?

Is Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin, an evil genius? Good question, let's see. Here's a short checklist. Putin single-handedly:

   Defeated Hillary in the election.
   Installed a Kremlin spy in the White House.
   Is against the globalist, Illuminati NWO.
   Is a nationalist.
   Imprisoned Pussy Riot for blasphemy.
   Goes to Mass regularly and lights candles at icons.
   Rebuilt the Russian Church.
   Destroyed ISIS Jihad savages.
   Freed Christians in Syria from Jihad savages.

   Conquered the Crimea faster than Concord on afterburn.
   Conquered Syria.
   Didn't get taken down by a Soros funded Color Revolution.
   Has stayed in power, signifying genius.
   Didn't get into a full-on war in the Ukraine.
   Has so far resisted attempts by globalist, Illuminati, NWO libs 

   to start WWIII.
   Is hailed by many as a "New Constantine."
   Goes hard, is heterosexual.
   Loves animals.
   Can ride, shoot, fish, hunt.

So, Evil Genius? Here at the Compound we think that defeating Hillary, smashing ISIS, freeing Christians from Moslem genocide, rebuilding our Holy Mother the Church and sending P Riot to jail is good. Yes, good, not evil. Compare it, if you like, to the DNC's Spirit Cooking and endorsement of the Crowleyite witch artist, Maria Abramovic.

Is he a genius? Well, compared to the buffoonery, lies, corruption, chicanery and hucksterism that's come out of the White House in the last decade or so, Putin looks pretty adept. Maybe that's why he was able to install his spy in the Oval Office.

Compound consensus says, hurry up, Kremlin spy, drain the swamp. And, as an aside, name one other catholic Christian leader of a major power. You know, the leader of a world power that champions the Apostolic Faith. 

Have a go and see how many names you come up with. I dare you.



Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Deep State Biden Goes Full Buffoon

Outgoing US Vice President, Joe Biden, has blasted Vladimir Putin, saying the Russian leader would upset the liberal New World Order.

DAARPA Class II Groper

Readers of this infosite know that Joe "Biden" is a buffoon. You may not know that it's a malfunctioning DAARPA designed A.I., code named "groper" by its handlers.


But now you do.

Rise of the Robots,


Friday, December 11, 2015

Putin Gives 12 Year Old Girl Adorable Puppy

Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin, made a 12 year old girl's dream come true, when he sent her an adorable husky puppy as an early New Year's present.

Little Olga Marushenko wrote the Russian President, saying that she dreamed of having a puppy and promised to work hard at school if she got it.

“I promise to take good care of the puppy because it’s my big dream - to own a husky. And I promise to study hard,” wrote the 12 year old in her letter to Putin.

The letter touched the President's heart and he ordered the head of the Republic of Khakassia to give Olga a husky puppy.

Vladimir Putin is a dog lover and owns a grown up Karakachan Bear Dog. He has commanded Russian forces in Syria to "immediately destroy"any threats.



Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Aloha Snack Bar!

While some people are busy hanging out at upscale beach clubs in Hawaii and riding around on motorcycles, we're manning the front lines, here in Texas.

Good Work, Einstein

Maybe that's why Blue Mimeticist decided to join in with the predawn chorus of roosters and crazed peacocks this morning.

Brave Defender

Stand to, everyone, maybe that's Daesh creeping up on the perimeter, or a squirrel, or the simple canine exuberance of doing your utmost to sound like a shrieking, demented bird. At 5.30 am.

Dropping Some Bombs on Raqqa

In related news, Putin's going hard against Raqqa, launching Russia's strategic bombing fleet at the Takfiri death cult. As I understand it, each plane carries something like 20 tons of ordnance.

Don't mess with the Bear, white running shoe terrorists.