Friday, June 16, 2023

MIllionaire Leftist Dunderhead



Do you remember when it was Global Warming? Because of all the carbon-spewing industrialisms that were going to destroy the planet, with their carbon? Yes, we all do, Global Warming, such a terrible thing. Then it became Climate Change.

Dam, the weather changes and might kill us all, better pay moar tax. And that's what the climate grifters did, wrote off checks to their friends in the name of Net Zero at the expense of you, the Weather Serf. And guess what, the delta-minus serfs believed it. All hail K Street Marcom!

Seriously, genius. But I'll leave you with this. Raytheon, all hallowed MIC integer that it is, invited the world to applaud its latest naval anti-air munition, the jolly little green Sea Sparrow. Make of this what you will.

Your Tzarist Pal,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

Wonder what lunch meeting at Hooters came up with that idea?

Anonymous said...

Nah, they met at Twin Peaks in Waco....a true meeting of the minds! Just about the time they finalized their plan for humanity the first shots rang out, nobody but Kerry knows what happened to the napkin they were drawing on, and the crayons seem to have disappeared as well....
Clown Show

Wild, wild west said...

Considering it was reported by one who was there at the time, that one of J-Effing-K's Purple Hearts was accidently self-inflicted when he popped off a grenade launcher at a target too close for safety, I'm betting he ate the crayons and has pooped a stream of rainbows ever since, ya follow?

Bad mood this morning, sorry......

Ritchie said...

As a general consideration of Raytheon, and similar entities, not saying there's no institutional mischief, but overall sooner or later you're going to want a stock of whiz-bangs. If nobody made them you won't have them. Was Thag the arrow maker vilified, or honored?

"Thagco, makers of the best arrows in the valley."

Certainly there is a duality. I feel a cat hating philosopher behind me.

LSP said...

I went to a Hooters, WSF, but only once. And guess what, it was a sales meeting. Huh.

LSP said...

Whoa, Anon... I remember that place and in fact used to/still do go to that mall in search of Marmite, wine and curry stuff from World Market, and maybe even gun stuff from the overpriced Cabela's thing.

Seems as though Twin Peaks has gone.

Sic transit.

LSP said...

Hey, with you Wild.

My Mother, who is no fool, has always scorned him. "I never liked or trusted that fornicating fraud," she says.

A Yankee to boot.

LSP said...

Ritchie, my pal, who works at Raytheon and hates its woke idiocy defends his job with patriotism, we gotta have the missiles.

Fair call.

When that becomes self-serving necromancy? Different strike again, no matter how mant=y rainbow stickers you put on it.