Saturday, June 10, 2023

Storm Front


Evening Prayer was no sooner said than clouds rolled in from the West, the temperature dropped, and it began to rain. What a blessed relief and as I type this letter from the trenches of the War on Weather, lightning flickers across the sky and thunder rumbles like a lazy barrage on Ost Front.

Meanwhile, Eduardo's exotic ducks sit nonchalantly on the tim roof of a shed across from the Compound's perimeter, they enjoy the rain, they're ducks and like water. Lately they've taken to rebelliously flying over LSP airspace to the front yard of a local petty drug dealer. There they sit, doing duck stuff, until Eduardo chases them back home.

In related avian news, green parakeets have arrived in this part of the NCTEZ (North Central Texas Exclusion Zone) and I've seen several. They're attractive birds and lend a tropical flavor to the place, perhaps they spread from Dallas where they're well established.

Birds aside, the storm rolls on with a kind of elemental fury and the landline's rung, yes, we still have one. It announces "Code Red." I take this to mean some kind of CorpCom Rainbow Maoist offensive's been launched against our commonwealth and the great state of Texas.

As always, we stand firm, resolute.

Never surrender,



GenX Crit said...

That was a rare blue eastern storm front. Wish I'd have taken a pic. Glad you got some rain out of it.

LSP said...

It sure was, GenX, and the rain was a blessing.