Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Conventicle of Satan


Just as we were starting to feel good about New York up comes this, the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine overlooking Harlem, all lit up for Pride. Go figure, this is the, ahem, church which hosted Elton John's 60th birthday bacchanal

What a celebration, featuring an $18K floral arrangement and a High Altar set up as a stage for the Scissor Sisters, what?, Sting and Paul McCartney. But that was then, 2007, today the cathedral's simply celebrating the deadly sin of pride with  a gay Evensong, an ice cream social, a panel discussion and a specially crafted rainbow celebration of Pauli Murray.

Who is this Pauli Murray? you ask in bemused wonder. Just a regular Communist, lesbian, civil rights activist and the first woman of color (WOC) to be ordained as a priestess in the Episcopal Church (TEC). 

She died in 1985 from cancer and TEC's made her a "saint," which says something about this catastrophically declining denom's  idea of sanctity. That in mind, reflect on the sepulchral hue of the cathedral's pride driven lightshow. Does it suggest heaven or the other place?

You be the judge,



Undergroundpewster said...

They also put on quite a winter solstice show. Around Christmas time. The place is clearly run a pagan cult (T.E.O.) That Episcopal Organization

Prodigal Son said...

The colors of the Rainbow...

Satan and his minions, spirit and human, can only destroy and pervert and de-create. That wonderful bow set in the sky is to remind us of His Grace and desire that we turn to Him as Our Father. Nothing is original with this crew.

I believe much of what we see in the world today is depravity being showcased. BUT it appears to me (and some who I trust deeply) that it is Edenic depravity charged with demonism.

May the True Church remain One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.

May the various "true to their calling" churches within the True Church be filled with true worshippers.

For God is not mocked...

LindaG said...

+1 Prodigal Son.
You all be safe and God bless.

LSP said...

I went there, Pewster, in '88 during an internship on the Island. It was whacky rainbow pagan then, clearly worse now.

Note how demonic and episcopalien mawkish combine into one sinister product.

LSP said...

Prodigal, they destroy, we build.


LSP said...

He's right in the X Ring, Linda.

Bless you.