Saturday, June 24, 2023

The Army Arrived


Well at least a part of it, and left all its kit in the Anteroom; got to go somewhere, in fairness, and why not lay down on a Moslem rug? That in mind, what do young soldiers do to pass the time? Many things, not least playing computer games with their pals around the world, in which they slay digital enemies.

So that's all good and, speaking of which, have we just witnessed the shortest ever civil war in Russian history? A 24 hour, ahem, coup, in which Prigozhin  gets a dacha in Belarus, WAGNER PMC folds into the Russian Army and 5th columnists and traitors get rounded up and killed while Putin consolidates his power base as rubbish generals are fired?

Possibly, but who knows. perhaps Prigozhin got ferociously drunk, drove most of the way to Moscow with his crew, sobered up, apologized, and made friends. Now he must go to Belarus, because that's so obviously not a potential second front.

I tell you, what a strange 24 hour evolution it's been. Regardless, our plan is this. Worship God in the morning at the Masses and then grill steak. Yes, steak, we can still afford meat here, if only just.

Your Old Pal,



Wild, wild west said...

Kabuki theater performed in a burning dumpster in a Potemkin Village.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The amount of gear soldiers today carry boggles my mind compared to what I packed circa 1965.

As I remember, canteen with cup in a holder, four 20 round 7.62 magazines in two holders, bayonet, entrenching tool, first aid pouch, and gas mask. Steel helmet with helmet liner, of course. Maybe 20 lbs all together.

LL said...

It's like a surplus store in your parlor - time for a yard sale.

LSP said...

Mr. Wild, you have a turn of phrase! Nicely put.

LSP said...

They do carry a lot, WSF, I have to say.

And I remember the steel helmets too. I must have been among the last to be issued with those things.

LSP said...

Hmmmm, LL, we have a problem. Need cash to buy absurdly expensive steaks.

Solution. Sell kit to fund Operation Beef Eater.

Invoice DOD.

Rinse, repeat.

Good thinking, RHSM.

Anonymous said...

Probably better to look at computer games (for once) than Steven Seagal movies

LL said...

He could bring a Humvee home for you to auction off.