Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Bluegill Fun


If yesterday, "Juneteenth," was all about celebrating famous Scots regiments, today's been about fishing. You see, the last two expeditions to Soldiers Bluff on Lake Whitney were busts, Fish 2, LSP 0 and that dismal record couldn't be allowed to stand. So, after Morning Prayer I geared up, climbed in the rig and headed south west for a counter offensive against the piscine adversary. 

Good thing too, the fish were jumping, predator bass after schools of shad and minnows. Seriously, no end of bait fish and the occasional bass strike thrashing up the water, so I cast off with a topwater torpedo. Big expectation, slow, twitchy retrieve and... nothing. Useless.

Try a worm, and guess what, almost instant tugs and ferocious little bites. Yes, bluegill were back in town and up they came, small at first, then larger. I tell you, those fierce and sometimes not so little beasts put up a fight. Tasty, too, but they all went back.

Then bass started blitzing for shad about 200 yards off, out of my casting range, but would they come in to shore? Almost, they got around 70 yards in and out went a topwater lure, which they hit with thrashing ferocity. I let it sit under assault and waited for an attack fish to take it down into the depths but that didn't happen. 

After a clamorous strike they bounced off and disappeared in search of other prey. The lure, with hindsight, was perhaps a little too large. Still, great action and a near miss or two made up for by brisk bluegill engagement. Fierce fish, light rod, big fun.

Bluegill in mind, I'll keep a few next time and fry 'em up, beer batter style, delicious.

Fish On,



Anonymous said...

My grandparents had a cabin at Lake Whitney - caught LOTS of perch and crappie there as a kid.

LindaG said...

I love bluegill. Very tasty.
Bluegill do love worms! And now we know fish will bite when fish are jumping. :-)
Looks like a blessed day, Parson. Thanks for sharing!
You all be safe and God bless.

Wild, wild west said...

Bluegill are tough, aggressive little guys. If they grew to fifty pounds, wouldn't anything be safe in the water, including us!

LL said...

Bluegill definitely punch above their weight.

LSP said...

I've had some great fishing there, Anon, just a lot of fun.

LSP said...

They sure are tasty, Linda. I think I need to keep a couple back next time, a little fixy and small to clean but worth it.

LSP said...

A bit like piranha, Wild... caught a couple of good ones yesterday, bi fun on a light rod!

LSP said...

Most definitely, LL, d=ferocious little things.

LSP said...