Friday, June 30, 2023

Litanies de Sainte Jeanne d'Arc


I'd say this is as relevant now as it's ever been, which is very. Sainte Jeanne revenez nous sauver, transmettre votre courage, votre Foi au peuple, le Corps de l'Eglise.

Never surrender,



LL said...

Some dismiss the story of Joan of Arc as a woman who liked to eat mushrooms gathered from the forest.

Others think that she was trying to transition.

The story is instructive all on its own without modern spins.

LSP said...

I totally agree, LL, and hadn't heard the ridiculous mushroom demythology.

But what a good litany! You sense the innocence, power and piety of the Faith. Too bad that's so overgrown with rubbish at the moment.

Beans said...

Finally got to listen to this. Beautiful. Thanks for posting it.

Did you see where Cardinal Vigano has started a new enterprise that is designed to help those of the Church who are getting attacked by the Church?

The first 'case' is a bunch of nuns who are being attacked for being too traditional, to the point that priests from outside the diocese and parish have to come give them Holy Communion.

We need a new St. Joan. But she'd probably be treated by Holy Mother Church as The Maid was treated by the Burgundians and English.

LSP said...

Right on Beans, and I've been following the nun story. Despicable, imo. Seriously, not at all happy about it. BTW, my Mother's a regular friend of that convent and they intercede for her intention. I won't go on.

And yes, we need a new leader. A fearless leader of the Church Militant. God will raise one up, just you wait and see.

Beans said...

God, contrary to what the modern church teaches us, does work in mysterious ways. And a militant leader of the Church has risen in dark times before. I pray that one will appear again. As long as it isn't End of Days time, I'll be all for it. (Don't really understand the 'faithful' that actually want EoD to happen as that pretty much, like the title itself, is the End of everything on the mortal plane except lots and lots of suffering.)

I guess we'll just have to hold our noses until something spectacular happens.

Demons to the left of us, devils to the right, stuck in the middle with you (all y'all.)

I guess we'll just have to

Adrienne said...

Beautiful! So proud to be a rad-trad pew potato at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church.

Saint Jeanne come back to save us, transmit your courage, your Faith to the people, the Body of the Church.