Thursday, June 29, 2023

Ivy League Idiot


A friend of mine writes a column for the appalling Dallas Morning News, it's a Catholic column, and one of the latest op-ed genius points was that Jean D'Arc was some kind of holy middle ground for rainbow transing. As in, she was a cross-dresser AND a holy catholic mystic. Middle ground via media, get it?

Uh hunh. Joan, visions aside, was a warrior, no doubt about it. She fought for her faith and for France. Can you imagine her reaction to the blasphemous impudence of the trans cult? I call swords, lances and an armored cavalry charge. 

By the way, my pal went to Duke, which is apparently a school on the West East coast of America.

But you, as always, be the judge,



Beans said...

What? The Maid wasn't trying to be a boy, she was trying to be a warrior of God and doing an excellent job of it until being shafted by allies and enemies alike.

Nothing boyish about her. Though she supposedly could squeeze a horse hard enough between her legs to cause some distress to the horse.

Farm girl. Big. Big farm girl. But still a girl.

I think your friend either is mentally ill or possibly physically ill. He needs to go on retreat and rethink his pact with God.

Old NFO said...


LSP said...

Good call, Beans. I might have to bring it up if we cross paths.

And yes, exactly, she dressed as she did because she was a warfighter as opposed to a degenerate in a Pride parade.

Curiously, I've read that while she was in jail, her English captors stripped her and gave her men's clothes to wear. This was later used as evidence against her. Not the best episode in British history.

That aside, using Joan as an icon for the trans movement? Wow. She'd ride those fools down for demonism after recovering from sheer amazement that such a cult actually existed and waxed large in what had once been Christendom.

LSP said...

I know, NFO. Like... what?

Verges on blasphemy, I think, but may be code for compassion gone awry. That has a strange habit of causing more misery than the offence it attempted to correct, in this case charity/caritas.

A bit like the Left full stop: Everything they do produces the opposite of its intended effect.

Beans said...

She'd put the pervs to the sword and mace. And teach them the Catechism of Pain!

Beans said...

The more I look at the pictures attached to this posting, the more I see The Hand of God vs The Hand of Satan.

And... I'd put the Maide d'Orleons in the first round with a decided KO against The Thing from the Potomac. Thousand to One. Easily.

LSP said...

Dam straight, Beans. Violent therapy indeed.

LSP said...

And yes, Beans, the two sides are increasingly, clearly, obviously marked. Good v. Evil.

Now, I'm not a betting man but I'll wager my fighting monkey on any TEN of your priestesses that you're right.

Guinea on the monkey, what? Well in fairness we live, apparently, dans l'epoque macaque.

Beans said...

More and more, it is evident that people can only serve one Master, and a good portion of the supposed priests and officials are serving the wrong one.