Friday, June 30, 2023

The French Are Revolting or Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine


I don't know if you've seen it on the smug, bombastic, deceitful, ComSymp shill legacy media because, you know, they don't report counter TransCorp narrative but the French have been revolting. Seriously, no kidding, from Paris to Strasbourg immigrant French youth have been torching cities.

Why? Because some 17 year old POC Perp was shot by a cop  in a Parisian immigrant ghetto suburb, Nanterre, while resisting arrest. Lo and behold, mass chimpout, to the point of diversity-is-our-strength looting gun shops and running around with AKs and other weapons.

As of last night, 40,000 French police were deployed to deal with the Jihad chimpout and police stations were reporting they'd run out of non-lethal munitions. So now the Rainbow State of Diversity is deploying APCs and guys with guns on quads. Here in the States we'd deploy the Guard.

Regardless, far-sighted readers of this humble kebob stand on the information superhighway will remember that a number of France's retired Command wrote a letter predicting such a thing and its incumbent threat, civil war.

That was ignored. In the meanwhile, here's some jungle karma:

Right in the X-Ring, eh? And good luck, La Belle France, and all the rest of us. Smart people are loading mags and cleaning weapons, even as last year's furniture goes on the fire. Weird scenes indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Point of order, Parson. Those aren’t Frenchmen rioting and destroying literally irreplaceable Western cultural heritage in the process. Those are (largely) unassimilated and probably unassimilable barbarians burning shit down. They may have been born in France, but they are NOT French.

Let us now praise the globalists and their goodwhite useful idiots who saw to the importation, breeding, and warehousing of these savages. And let us never forget who the root of the problem are. It isn’t third generation Algerian youth.


Beans said...

They are doing what all 'good' muslims are supposed to do. Destroy the culture of non-islamics and install their culture.

The French need to declare martial law and round up all the vibrant immigrants and send them back to Africa. What survives after the military opens up on them.

LSP said...

Well said, Mike.

Behold what these psychos have done. They'll reap the reward.

Vicious rumours that Spetznaz, GRU and Wagner operatives are active in Paris and other French cities are precisely that, vicious rumours.

Well, to be fair, the genius patrol in charge of the Great Replacement don't need any help from the Kremlins.

LSP said...

I kinda get the feeling we're not far off that point, Beans. French police are most... unhappy.

And what's Little Napoleon Macron doing? Waffling incoherently about social media and video games. Huh.

Beans said...

There's a long history of French politicians and leader waffling incoherently. So Macron is right up there with the worst of them.

I see the potential for another Charles Martel to spring up and start hammering all the enemies of France within France and her holdings.