Thursday, June 1, 2023

Naval Hymn & Pride Month


Attention, gentlemen and gentlewomen, the hateful, degenerate, pedophiliac, rainbow corporate stasi excrescence of Holy Pride Month is upon us. So buckle up, it's gonna be a long and nasty ride. What can we do, apart from boycotting Groom & Doom big box stores? Good question and perhaps this helps, via Wild:


Steady boys, steady, and I'll leave it at that.


Heart of Oak



Prodigal Son said...

Peace only and always flows from strength. Again: peace can only flow out of strength.

The world conspires against the Lord and His Bride. It has always been so. And will remain until Jesus Christ returns to judge each according to their deeds.

We can take courage and remain constant in our hope that God's Name and Kingdon and Will ARE being done on earth as they are in heaven.

We can be of good cheer, meaning at peace, having confidence that He Who has overcome the world can be and is our Savior.

Undergroundpewster said...

Don't give up the ship and don't drop the soap!

Dad of Six said...

Can't top either Prodigal or Pewster.

It says a lot that 'Pride' is the chief cardinal sin, and that this annual lunacy occurs during the month of the Sacred Heart, wounded for all of us. May all sinners seek Him and His Mercy.

Wild, wild west said...

"I have not yet begun to fight." - John Paul Jones, CPT, USN, R.I.P.

And, I would hope, neither have we......

LSP said...

Well said, Prodigal, peace flows from the strength, power and perfection of God. But look how that manifests, on the Cross.

Ah, but what then? The Resurrection and glorious Ascension.

So yes, sursum corda.

LSP said...

Well said, DOS.

In the month of the Sacred Heart, the heart of love, Satan erects the false, idolatrous festival of demonic pride.

The Church really needs to stand up and be counted against this utter wickedness.

LSP said...

Thanks for the vid, Wild, and yes, I 100% agree. For sure we haven't hardly begun, which is a scandal, but I feel the evil attack on our children may awaken the massive. Here's hoping. In the meanwhile, we stand steady.

LSP said...

Mr. Pewster, what excellent advice!