Saturday, June 17, 2023

Holy Water


The Devil runs from Holy Water, seriously, I have that on good, established authority. And no wonder, Holy Water is a sacramental made up of exorcised elements, salt and water, with the express purpose of putting demons to flight, and it does.

Here's the prayer of benediction in English, from the Roman Ritual:

P: Our help is in the name of the Lord.     All: Who made heaven and earth.

2. The exorcism of salt follows: 

God's creature, salt, I cast out the demon from you by the living  God, by the true  God, by the holy  God, by God who ordered you to be thrown into the water-spring by Eliseus to heal it of its barrenness. May you be a purified salt, a means of health for those who believe, a medicine for body and soul for all who make use of you. May all evil fancies of the foul fiend, his malice and cunning, be driven afar from the place where you are sprinkled. And let every unclean spirit be repulsed by Him who is coming to judge both the living and the dead and the world by fire.   All: Amen.

Let us pray.

Almighty everlasting God, we humbly appeal to your mercy and goodness to graciously bless  this creature, salt, which you have given for mankind's use. May all who use it find in it a remedy for body and mind. And may everything that it touches or sprinkles be freed from uncleanness and any influence of the evil spirit; through Christ our Lord.

All: Amen.

Exorcism of the water:

God's creature, water, I cast out the demon from you in the name of God  the Father almighty, in the name of Jesus  Christ, His Son, our Lord, and in the power of the Holy  Spirit. May you be a purified water, empowered to drive afar all power of the enemy, in fact, to root out and banish the enemy himself, along with his fallen angels. We ask this through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ,who is coming to judge both the living and the dead and the world by fire.    All: Amen.

Let us pray.

O God, who for man's welfare established the most wonderful mysteries in the substance of water, hearken to our prayer, and pour forth your blessing  on this element now being prepared with various purifying rites. May this creature of yours, used in your mysteries and endowed with your grace, serve to cast out demons and to banish disease. May everything that this water sprinkles in the homes and gatherings of the faithful be delivered from all that is unclean and hurtful; let no breath of contagion hover there, no taint of corruption; let all the wiles of the lurking enemy come to nothing. By the sprinkling of this water may everything opposed to the safety and peace of the occupants of these homes be banished, so that in calling on your holy name they may know the well-being they desire, and be protected from every peril; through Christ our Lord.    All: Amen.

3. Now the priest pours the salt into the water in the form of a cross, saying:

May this salt and water be mixed together; in the name of the Father , and of the Son , and of the Holy Spirit.     All: Amen.

P: The Lord be with you. All: And with thy spirit.

Let us pray.

God, source of irresistible might and king of an invincible realm, the ever-glorious conqueror; who restrains the force of the adversary, silencing the uproar of his rage, and valiantly subduing his wickedness; in awe and humility we beg you, O Lord, to regard with favor  this creaturely thing of salt and water, to let the light of your kindness shine upon it, and to hallow it with the dew of your mercy; so that  wherever it is sprinkled and your holy name invoked, every assault of the unclean spirit may be baffled, and all dread of the serpent's venom be cast out. To us who entreat your mercy grant that the Holy Spirit may be with us wherever we may be, through Christ our Lord.  All: Amen.

And in the more powerful Latin:

V. Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domini.  R. Qui fecit cælum et terram.

Deinde absolute incipit exorcismum salis:

Exorcizo te, creatura salis, per Deum + vivum, per Deum + verum, per Deum + sanctum, per Deum, qui te per Eliseum Prophetam in aquam mitti jussit, ut sanaretur sterilitas aquæ: ut efficiaris sal exorcizatum in salutem credentium; et sis omnibus sumentibus te sanitas animæ et corporis; et effigiat, atque discedat a loco, in quo aspersum fueris, omnis phantasia, et nequitia, vel versutia diabolicæ fraudis, omnisque spiritus immundus, adjuratus per eum, qui venturus est judicare vivos et mortuos, et sæculum per ignem. R. Amen.



Immensam clementiam tuam, omnipoten æterne Deus, humiliter imploramus, ut hanc creaturam salis, quam in usum generis humani tribuisti, bene + dicere et sancti +ficare tua pietate digneris: ut sit omnibus sumentibus salus mentis et corporis; et quidquid ex eo tactum vel respersum fuerit, careat omni immunditia, omnique impugnatione spiritalis nequitiæ. Per Dominum. R. Amen.

Exorcismus aquæ: et dicitur absolute:

Exorcizo te, creatura aquæ, in nomine Dei + Patris omnipotentis, et in nomine Jesu + Christi Filii ejus Domini nostri, et in virtute Spiritus + Sancti: ut fias aqua exorcizata ad effugandam omnem potestatem inimici, et ipsum inimicum eradicare et explantare valeas cum angelis suis apostaticis, per virtutem ajusdem Domini nostri Jesu Christi: qui venturus est judicare vivos et mortuos, et sæculum per ignem. R. Amen.



Deus, qui ad salutem humani generis, maxima quæque sacramenta in aquarum substantia condidisti: adesto propitius invocationibus nostris, et elemento huic multìmodis purificationibus præparato, virtutem tuæ bene + dictionis infunde: ut creatura tua, mysteriis tuis serviens, ad abigendos dæmones, morbosque pellendos, divinæ gratiæ sumat effectum; ut quidquid in domibus, vel in locis fidelium, hæc unda resperserit, careat omni immunditia, liberetur a noxa: non illic resideat spiritus pestilens, non aura corrumpens: discedant omnes insidiæ latentis inimici; et si quid est, quod aut incolumitati habitantium invidet, aut quieti, aspersione hujus aquæ effugiat: ut salubritas, per invocationem sancti tui nominis expetita, ab omnibus sit impugnationibus defensa. Per Dominum nostrum Jesum Christum Filium tuum: Qui tecum vivit et regnat in unitate Spiritus Sancti Deus per omnia sæcula sæculorum. R. Amen.

Hic termittat sal in aquam in modum crucis, dicendo semel:

Commixtio salis et aquæ pariter fiat, in nomine Pa+tris, et Fi+lii, et Spiritus + Sancti. R. Amen.

V. Dominus vobiscum. R. Et cum spiritu tuo.



Deus, invictæ virtutis auctor, et insuperabilis imperii Rex, ac semper magnificus triumphator: qui adversæ dominationis vires reprimis: qui inimici rugientis sævitiam superas: qui hostiles nequitias potenter expugnas: te, Domine, trementes et supplices deprecamur, ac petimus: ut hanc creaturam salis et aquæ dignanter aspicias, benignus illustres, pietatis tuæ rore sanctifices; ut, ubicumque fuerit aspersa, per invocationem sancti nominis tui, omnis infestatio immundi spiritus abigatur: terrorque venenosi serpentis procul pellatur: et præsentia Santi Spiritus nobis, misericordiam tuam poscentibus, ubique adesse dignetur. Per Dominum nostrum Jesum Christum Filium tuum: Qui tecum vivit et regnat in unitate ejusdem Spiritus Sancti Deus per omnia sæcula sæculorum. R. Amen.

Exorcists tell me the latter form works best, which implies Satan, like an English schoolboy, abhors Latin. All the more reason to use it, eh? That in mind, I'm off to bless some water by way doing my part, however small, in the war against evil. 

Speaking of which, watch Nefarious, a realistic cinematic portrayal of the  Adversary, if a little preachy.

Out Demons Out,



Beans said...

Can anyone of faith make Holy Water?

By the way, if you watch the movie "Renfield" you will see a very delightful use of Holy Water, near the end of the movie.

LSP said...

Beans, it's really a priestly function so I'd get your pastor to do just that and give you some. Still, perhaps laity can give the benediction in extremis?

A bit like Baptism, perhaps.

Enjoyed Renfield.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I cast out a demon once.
No water, just the Name of Jesus.
Took about 5 minutes of prayer.

Dad of Six said...

The current watered down Book of Blessings (not-affectionately known as BOB per Father Z) does not have the exorcism portion. One wonders why? Could it be that post-V2 crowd up to and including the current occupant of Peter's Chair don't want to make waves with Satan? Inquiring minds need to know!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, LSP. Use the Latin, cast out the demon everywhere he hides. His name is Legion.
Southern NH

LSP said...

That's the apostolic way, Ed. But note fasting.

Also, the demons typically attack the exorcist with his sins and viciously so. Hence be in a state of grace, obvs.

Exorcists tell me, and I've worked under several, that HW works and the demons fear it. So they should.

LSP said...

I fear you're right, DOS.

And how can you have Holy Water without the exorcisms?!?

On point. The apostates destroyed Anglicanism by wrecking its teaching authority, apostolic witness if you like, all the while allowing any kind of liturgy you care to think of, from high to low.

They did a similar albeit inverse thing in Rome -- destroying the liturgy while leaving its teaching, pretty much, intact.

I won't bang on but... for Rome at least, recovering the liturgy is key. After all, what are we here for? To worship God.

LSP said...

Anon, thanks for the encouragement.