Sunday, June 11, 2023



What uplifting worship this morning. The Word of God heard and preached, the Sacrament of the Altar administered and there we were, the local instance of the Mystical Body of Christ in rural Texas. No small thing.

You know, if any of you had told me a couple of decades ago that I'd be ministering out in the missions here in Hill and Bosque counties I'd have laughed. "What do you mean? Neither church has an 8' stone altar and where's all the polychrome?" Well, the joke would've been on me and God's been kind.

up your game, LSP

Speaking of which, many people are asking, "Where can we buy food and drink now that everything's gone full CorpCom Satan Rainbow?" Problem. Luckily Mission #2 has come up with a solution. Every Sunday the people bring food which they've grown and you can take what you want or need.

I tell you, it's like a small farmers' market, with fresh greens, beans, cucumbers, squash, eggs and more, and none of it's cursed by the wretched stamp of gaily hued degeneracy. Result, gotta get back to the garden.

In related news, infamous trans activist Scots goblin Nicola Sturgeon's been arrested. Allegedly the despised dwarven malfeasant was up to some kind of fiscal skulduggery. She's been released, annoyingly.




Wild, wild west said...

Nicely done, Rev., you and your flock.

The real America is still out there, a remnant doth remain.

Dad of Six said...

I look back at my life and see all the twists and turns, and see God's providence in all of it. He truly does have it all under control.

Good on you and your parish for stepping up to the plate! I sense this June that the silent majority has had enough of the sodomite sludge being thrown at them.

LL said...

If that photo is of you, LSP, you are not aging well.

LSP said...

It surely does, Wild, and the same for England.

LSP said...

Maybe, DOS, this June was a June too far. We hope. And for sure, have to marvel at the Providence.

LSP said...

Not to worry, LL, just some random priest I pulled off the information superhighway, celebrating the Mass the right way.