Thursday, June 8, 2023

La Cruz de Borgoña


You see, all Spanish speaking people are culturally Marxist and vote Democrat. Here, just look at this.

Beautiful Eva Peron in case you missed it

I rest my case,



LL said...

The Perons were clearly Marxist but before that, Monarchist. Can they make up their minds.

I mean in the US we have a demented fool and a whore running the place. At least Evita was an attractive whore.

Beans said...

I love to point out to the commie socialist marxists in this town when they start singing from that particular piece of musical dogsqueeze that the Perons were national socialist fascists of Argentina.

Makes their heads explode, the ones that listen. Had some hag (may have been a dude, may have been a hefalump, dunno, wore flannel, had boobs or moobs) scream at me for a few minutes while I was standing in the checkout at the local grocery because the muzac was spitting out "Don't cry for me, Argentina (because my husband and I have bankrupted you and stashed all the money in offshore accounts while treating you all like peasants, serfs and slaves.) It was amusing when the ex-Argentinian manager told her to leave and then turned off the background music.

I swear, if she (the manager) had access to a helicopter, I swear, she'd have gone full Pinochet on the flannel heifer/steer/whatever.

Then again, I love pointing out how their lords and masters have turned the formerly free United States into a national socialist hell-hole, and then tick off all the things Nat-Soc governments do, like control free trade, control what businesses can make and sell, have fancy uniforms for their police and military, set prisoners free in order to scare the normies into more socialist programs. It's like they think work will make us free or something.

One of these days my big fat mouth is gonna get me into trouble.

And LL? Most Marxist/socialist/communist leaders are, deep in their little black hearts, monarchists with them being the monarchs. And ruling a feudal land controlling all movements and actions of their peasants, serfs and slaves.

seanachie said...

Let us not forget that fighter for and defender of social justice: Che Guevara.
The woke group who wants to hold him high esteem needs to wake up and see what he really was. Che Guevara, was a mass murderer, racist and homophobic. And sent thousands of people to concentration camps.

LSP said...

I totally get that, LL.

LSP said...

Beans, are you somehow suggesting our they/them rainbow rulers are... wrong? Report yourself, immediately.

In the meanwhile, I'd argue the DemLeft are conjuring with risky calculus on the Southern Border, or lack thereof.

Have you noticed how southside hellhole Chicago isn't too keen on being replaced? But hey, they're only a meager 13%.

And well said viz. Arbeit Macht Frei.

LSP said...

They do love him, seanarchie. Then again, they don't know who he was or much about anything else.