Friday, June 23, 2023


Octavian, adopted son and great-nephew of Julius Caesar watched on from grey-eyed distance as his general, Agrippa, faced off against Mark Anthony and Cleopatra's fleet. 400 ships versus 500 ships in Antony's favor, and whoever won would rule the world.

no, not a negro

You can imagine the tension on Bridge, to put it mildly. Of course Agrippa won, sinking Antony's wretched fleet and Octavian, Augustus, emerged triumphant. We celebrate him still, August, and his uncle, July. Antony killed himself afterwards as did his lover, Cleopatra, who was a Ptolomaic Hellene and not an African American negro. 

Octavian went on to rule all that was, under the deadly eye of his mother. And his victory, Νίκη!, still resounds as remarkable. Wow, stand back in awe, a pal (acquaintance) made a song about it. Here it is:

Shades of Ost Front, what?

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LSP said...

Actium. Have you no comments about what may be the greatest battle in naval history? OK, it bears thinking about, fair enough.