Monday, March 9, 2015

The New Millennium of Satan

Imagine, for a moment, that everything's fine. You have lots of money, and so does your "creative" partner. There's a neat house, with an immaculate garden, of course, in a toney part of town. You're even married, life is good

But there's a problem, a dark cloud on the not-so-distant horizon, perhaps it's even directly overhead. Despite everything, the house, the money, the great neighborhood, you can't have children. At least not ones that are genetically related to you. Why? Because you and your "spouse" are two dudes. But that's about to change.

Thanks to the University of Cambridge and the Weizman Institute in Israel, it's now possible to make human egg and sperm cells from two adults of the same gender, using stem cells. 

Think about that for a moment and ask yourself where stem cells come from. As you reflect, here's what a friend had to say, "You can crush up some babies and mix your blood with the slurry, and a child emerges in your image and likeness? How normal, just living the American Dream."

American Dream, normal? In the New Millennium of Satan, maybe it is.

I've been to the Weizman Institute and found an old 7.62 bullet there, lying on the ground by an orange grove. That was before it became an alchemical, satanic, NWO golem factory.

God bless,



LL said...

You could by-pass that drama and simply clone one of the two domestic partners. You aren't building a better golum, and that might be disturbing, but it would be slightly less freakish.

jenny said...

Approximately once every month or two, I read something on your blog that makes me even more terrified of humans than I was before.

LSP said...

Interesting clone solution, LL, and you know what they say, "The Devil's in the details."

LSP said...

Disturbing, eh?