Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fun Guns in Waco, Texas

I know. You should be patient in firearms acquisition. Don't rush into things. But I didn't want to go through the hassle of a transfer and FFL fees to get an Aero Precision lower receiver. So I drove to Waco, where Fun Guns (which ones aren't?) promised stripped lowers, ready to go. 

The first thing you notice about Fun Guns is that they're playing Led Zep, the Stones, Blue Oyster Cult, Deep Purple and all kinds of '70s rock, which is alright by me. The next thing you see is your old pal, D, Waco's famous gunsmith, shut down by the Administration, behind the counter. D once told me that "the .303 is a shark gun." Right on.

Alright then, you look around the store, pick out what you want, and find yourself agreeably pleased by friendly, helpful, and generally young staff.

I bought a Spike's stripped lower, nothing wrong with that, and gave the completed background check form to the tattooed but efficient-seeming AR afficionado in charge. He phoned up the Feds and got into trouble with the birthplace part of the form. So he questioned:

"What's 'Oxford,' man?"
"It's like a city. In England."
"Yeah, I know, there's a few."
"Oxford, England. Not Oxford, Kansas, or wherever."

Check done, I complimented the store on its music policy, and learned that St. Patrick's Day meant listening to the Dropkick Murphys. Shipping up to Boston? On St. Pat's, for sure.

If you're in Waco and you want a welcoming place to visit, check out Fun Guns. They're alright.

Shoot on,



LL said...

Ah - if only I didn't have a California Driver's License...

Fredd said...

I'll bet you were like a big fat kid in a candy store at Fun Guns, Reverend.

LL said...

At the risk of offending the parson, I suspect that he was more like a Mexican at a green card give-away.

(I'd accuse him of being like Muslim at a whorehouse with a stolen credit card, but that would be way over the top)

LSP said...

Oh yes. I had all kinds of fun. A neat little gun shop.

I always forget that California has weird laws. You should change that, LL.