Saturday, November 8, 2014

Buccolic Idyll

Sometimes what I like to do when I'm taking Blue Ebeneezer for a morning stroll is take pictures of houses. 

Thanks a Lot

As you can see, all is well in our merry little slice of rural paradise, and that's the good part of town.


Blue Obadiah lays the blame squarely on the shoulders of the limo-lib Illuminati elite who run this country. He hates them and won't listen to "nuance" and "reason." These, he snarls, are, "New York Times degenerate." Smart dog.

Good Dog

In other news, it appears Obama didn't bother to consult the Pentagon before attacking ISIS. Way to go, Commander-in-Chief. Obviously he takes this operation seriously.

Bad Dog

And a terror attack by Methodists, sorry! Muslims, to stab the Queen was stopped by U.K. police. Weird, eh? Like totally out of leftfield.

Ride on,



jenny said...

Blue Aloysius for president!

LSP said...

I second that motion.