Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Cheery Little Advent Message

Here's a cheery little message to get you ready for Advent:
When confronted with Americans who have seen their standard of living falling for the last twenty five years and are sick and tired of hearing drivel about white privilege, black lives matter, safe spaces, gay and transgender “rights”, micro-aggressions, rape culture, misogyny, $15 minimum wage, and a myriad of other offenses against feminism, these easily offended “warriors” will piss their pants. These trivialities will seem so quaint when they are confronted with an angry guy with a gun on the streets or when they are told to report for duty as we wage war with Russia and China. The foolishness of the culture wars will become strikingly apparent when economic collapse and life or death choices confront our special snowflake generation.
Special snowflake generation. I like that.

God bless,



lukeya said...

Regrettably the American standards of living have been falling now for over 40 years, not just 25. Also true in the UK. All those great post war baby boomers had all the good times and great pensions, now the young have to eat all of the s**t.

LSP said...

I have a nasty feeling it's going to get worse...

Anonymous said...

Fash not thyself, LSP. 'Tis a season of discontent.

It's time to hibernianate.

Four months hence, you'll wake up an Irishman with a lily of the field outlook and a desire to emulate Hilarion of Gaza.

LSP said...

Thanks, Anonymous, that was uplifting.