Monday, December 15, 2014

Church of England Talent Pool, Caught on Camera?

The Church of England's elusive Talent Pool may have been caught on camera, running through Victorian sewers beneath Merseyside.

Filmed by engineers, the mysterious creature has long back legs and glowing eyes. Paranormal experts speculate that the pipe prowling Talent Pool has been feeding off fat deposits and waste water. 

Taken by surprise at the unexpected sighting, cameraman Ian Appleton stated, “I physically jumped when I saw the Talent Pool."

Others aren't convinced, claiming that the Talent Pool was just a hoax staged by United Utilities, as part of the water company's What To Flush marketing campaign which uses school visits, advertising and PR stunts to encourage customers to think before they flush.

Is the frightening creature filmed in Liverpool's sewers the CofE's fast-track to promotion, or yet another MBA inspired sales drive to reverse the declining denomination's fortunes?

You, the reader, be the judge.



LL said...

I see a replacement for Justin there in the sewers.

LL said...

Have you ever thought of releasing Blue Bloodhound in the sewers to see what sort of creature has been recruited for the talent pool?

One hopes that the creature does not have a supply of doggy snacks or you will hear crunching but no baying of a hound followed by blood curdling screams.

LSP said...

We must pray that the Talent Pool doesn't have a box of tempting "milk bones"...

But maybe the mysterious creature is Justin?!?