Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Church of England Elects First Boy Bishop Since the Middle Ages!

In a surprise move, the Church of England has elected its first Boy Bishop since the Middle Ages.

Rev. Libby Lane, who was a priestess in the Diocese of Chester, has been named as the new Boy Bishop of Stockport, in greater Manchester. After the surprise announcement, the new Boy Bishop said, "So today I pray will not be simply about one woman called up a new ministry in the church but much more than that, an opportunity to acknowledge all that has gone before and to look ahead to what is still to be done."

What beautiful thoughts, Libby!

The Episcopal Church has had Boy Bishops for years.

Good luck, CofE.



LL said...

Is cosmetic surgery part of the C of E healthcare package?

If it is, there are a lot of clerics who are not taking advantage of the benefits offered.

If it's not, maybe they should consider adding...

All of the women bishops look like boy bishops. And the male bishops look like really ugly women. I'm sure that people of that sort would take my comment as a compliment.

Adrienne said...

Exactly what LL said.

Is she trying to make some sort of statement by not having those growths removed from her face?

Any doctor would highly recommend they be removed.

LSP said...

Maybe you could sort out a discrete drone solution, LL?

LSP said...

That's a very good point, Adrienne. Maybe they're "for show".

LL said...

Wet work? ME??

I think allowing them to roll around in their own stink is far more profound than arranging a meeting with the Almighty.

It's like pulling an abscessed tooth - and the patient gets relief.

Why would one do that?

LSP said...

I hadn't thought of the dentistry angle.

LL said...

They'll meet the grim reaper in due time. For now, best that they suffer by being who they are.

LSP said...

Looks as though that's just the way it's going to be, annoyingly.

But perhaps Blue Solution will find himself loose one day in Lambeth Palace.

Good luck, Talent Pool.