Friday, December 19, 2014

Madonna, Illuminati Witch

Fabled pop icon, Madonna, has claimed that celebrity New World Order libs, like Oprah, aren't members of her secret occultist group, the Illuminati.

Of course.

They're not occultists.

Not for a minute.

Unlike Madonna, who is a well-known witch. Here's what she has to say in her new album:

"Teach me how to pray, and we can do drugs, and we can smoke weed, and we can drink whiskey. 'Yeah we can get high, and we can get stoned, and we can sniff glue, and we can do E, and we can drop acid," sings Madonna on her track 'Make the Devil Pray.'"

The Vatican is calling for more Exorcists. For obvious reasons.

Nice grill, Madonna. Vade Retro Satana,



LL said...

In Madonna’s youth, following her mother’s death by breast cancer, she saw herself as a "lonely girl who was searching for something. She said, I didn't shave my underarms and I didn't wear make-up like normal girls do. She was known her unconventional behavior, she would perform cartwheels and handstands in the hallways between classes, dangle by her knees from the monkey bars during recess, and pull up her skirt during class—all so that the boys could see her underwear.

Thus it began.

LSP said...

And the rest is history.

LL said...

You wonder if the march from sweet little girl to Illuminati Witch could have been interrupted somewhere?

I'm sure that her father asked himself the same question.

LSP said...

The lure of the Illuminati and their infernal Master is even stronger than paternal loyalty. For Madonna.

And for P Riot.

Both have been banned in Russia.

There are several vacant Bishoprics in the Church of England...

LL said...

Doesn't Madonna live in Scotland? It would be a perfect fit.

LSP said...

I think she'll go far in the CofE.