Friday, December 19, 2014

Putin is Golden, Libby's Not So Hot

Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin, is dumping US Treasuries and buying gold. In the meanwhile, what's been described as "Obama's brilliant strategy to cripple Putin" is in shreds, with the trillion dollar leveraged US shale industry tanking and blood on the streets of Aberdeen, as the UK's oil industry goes Defcon.

So what's up with that? As one commentator put it:

"I'm stacking ammo. Your gold had better be hidden well because all you need to do is read any paper around the globe to know that when the thin veneer of civilization comes off, it's going to get ugly quickly."

Ugly? Quickly? If England's new Boy Bishop and her celebrity millionaire socialist buddy, Desmond Tutu, is anything to go by, we're already there. But please, please, stop hoarding .22LR.

Some of us want to plink.



LL said...

It won't help Putin. He has to buy and sell oil in US Dollars. The Dollar is the international currency of oil. That's what's beating him about the head and shoulders.

As to the boy bishop. He's an ugly bloke. Not as ugly as the pederast, Tutu, but f-ugly all the same.

LSP said...

I'm sure he'd like to change that...

Then there's Tutu and his pet Boy Bishop.

Very unpleasant.

LL said...

Russia is an odd place. I find myself liking Russians even when I really don't want to. Their senses of humor are usually very wicked and I think in that they are the closest to Americans.

Their natural brooding over minutia is interesting. Their intensity is fun in a rather insane way.

Never try and drink a Russian under the table. NEVER.

LSP said...

Viz. Humor -- I enjoyed the Obama birthday laser beamed onto the US Embassy in Moscow. Wicked for sure.

The drinking is legendary...

LL said...

The laser thing was an act of brotherhood and good will. Who wouldn't find that amusing?

Those darned Russians, always kidding around.

LSP said...

Obama? Prankster.

LL said...

It was clearly a banana, not a penis that was inserted into the mouth of the Leader of the Free World. It's not as if he doesn't like both.

I don't see the problem here. There were also happy birthday greetings (in English), and it showed Dear Leader wearing a party hat.

Yes, some will complain that it's a metaphor for a penis and that it didn't have a condom on it. Others will think that it's racist to show a person of mixed ancestry eating a food that monkeys are partial to. But if it showed him eating a chicken (his favorite), would it have pleased him more?

LSP said...

Well I for one won't rest until P Riot are made bishops. In the Church of England.