Thursday, December 18, 2014


There's been around 2000 years of Christian thinking, encompassing some of the greatest minds the world has seen. It's a long list. Then there's Desmond Tutu. Here's what he had to say about women bishops in the Church of England.


"Wonderful that you over there will soon have women bishops," wrote Tutu to the Archbishop of York, "Yippee! I know you have pushed for this for a long time. Yippee again!"

Yippee. So it's come to that. After two millennia of Christian thought we arrive at the Nobel Laureate genius of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, celebrity millionaire socialist.

Celebrity Millionaire Socialist

Rumors that Tutu's an apostate, paid-off, NWO mountebank are entirely without the Desmond Tutu foundation.

Grinning All The Way To The Bank

Tutu's speaking fees are available on request.



LL said...

He's a pederast. In a sane world people would feed him to gators and he'd end up as gator shit, which is far better than he deserves.

LSP said...

I'm surprised Harvard, well known as Satan's Vatican, hasn't made him Dean.

LL said...

Have you checked?

I'm sure that he's a PhD Emeritus or some such from Harvard.

LSP said...

I didn't see Harvard when I looked at his galaxy wide list of honors and prizes, but maybe I was blinded by the sheer, astounding, near infinity of them.

I'll check!