Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tony Blair BritSoc Millionaire!

I hate to ruin your day, but here's a "Season's" card from everyone's favorite multi-millionaire Brit Socialist, Tony Blair.


Maybe BritSoc Tony's grinning because he's being paid so well by PetroSaudi, or because of his lucrative public speaking engagements and "advisory" roles with investment banks, like JP Morgan.


Then again, perhaps he's just possessed by the spirit of a Margarine Demon.

I'd say that was pretty scary any way you cut it, which in BritSoc Tony's case is all the way to the bank.



LL said...

Who wouldn't want financial advice from Tony. He went from third rate political hack to "Clintonesque" Prime Minister and from there to multi-millionaire and in demand in the social circles of the great and near great worldwide.

Whether or not he made a pact with Satan is another matter. When you consider that he patterned his political career after Bill (Bubba) Clinton...well, you know.

You need to take Blue Liedetector to Tony and see if he barks at him to ferret out the absolute truth.

Michael Gollop said...

Ghastly beyond words ....

LSP said...

I have a feeling that Blue Wolverine would bark out the demon in short order!

LSP said...

Nasty, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Blair is seen as a, if not the, Neo-Con by everyone in the UK.

LSP said...

Tony Blair, Millionaire. I like the way it rhymes.